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An evening show outside Montmartre, at the famous Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge - The most famous cabaret in the world !

The Moulin Rouge in Paris is famous worldwide for its French Cancan, and immortalized by the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Symbol cabarets, this sumptuous Moulin Rouge is made of feathers, rhinestones and sequins in an extraordinary setting, accompagné by original music and of course... the Beautiful woman in the world.

Stars from around the world visiting Paris, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Elton John... Occurred at the Moulin Rouge in exceptional galas, succeeding prestigious French artists, Maurice Chevalier, Jean Gabin... Edith Piaf and Yves Montand. For 110 years, The Most legendary cabaret in the world HAS Welcomed millions of spectators !

You will expect the show "Féerie", the famous cabaret last review. Created in 1999 by Doris Haug & Ruggero Angeletti, two great directors of journals, this show tells the story of the tavern goal aussi a classic, Sandokan and the magic of the circus.

The Moulin Rouge show in Paris : "Féerie" review

A 900-seat hall at Belle Epoque decor welcomes you for an unforgettable evening, enjoy dinner in the tradition of French cuisine or discover the big show "Féerie" !

"Féerie" Consists of a troupe of 80 artists, Including 60 Doriss Girls or recruited worldwide, with 1000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, made in The Most famous Parisian workshops ; sumptuous sets in shimmering colors and uniquely designed by Italian artists, the best international acts Most Outstanding ; and the Awaited return of the giant aquarium... to original music Recorded by 80 musicians and 60 singers.

The new magazine, designed by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti is in the form of sumptuous tables, shimmering colors and unique designs, new and surprising themes, "Sandokan, les Pirates", "Au Cirque", "Paris, demain et toujours" "Plus belles que jamais",... with original music and magical !

1st SCENE - The Moulin Rouge, today and Yesterday

The lights in the room go out, the curtain rises... The troupe comes into full play under the admiring eyes of the public. Spectators are found in the "Garden" of the Moulin Rouge and discover the "magic" places. A bit of nostalgia ! From That Moment, the spectators leave intoxicated by the beauty of Doriss Doriss Girls and Dancers!

2nd SCENE - The Pirates

What can happen to a pirate On His boat anchored in Indonesia ? The dream ?
Love of an ideal woman ?... We land, we cam across priestesses, a Gorgon in her temple snakes... we are -even at the Governor's Ball! Sandokan will he offer His treasures to the woman de son dreams or will you expect the sacrifice of love ?

3rd SCENE - At the circus

The circus comes to town... with icts band of clowns, august, acrobats, jugglers, Siamese twins, her funny wildlife and six little horses! A table full color and with music That ends with the great parade of Doriss Doriss Girls and Dancers.

4th SCENE - The Moulin Rouge from 1900 to...

The Moulin Rouge country tribute to women of Paris through time : Videos On July 14, the Liberation of Paris, air... one year of Java or Boogie. Time passes and leaves room for a new generation of women, more beautiful and free than ever! the highlight of this tribute : the Doriss Girls dance the Most Famous French Cancan the world!

5th SCENE - international Attractions

You will observe exceptional artistic performances Performed by top-flight artists ; Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant but amazing ! Eric Boo's Angels Roller sequences Pilar, speed and number of breathtaking lightness precision, the Chicagos, a trio of acrobats and breathtaking Stykan Duo, while torque has strength and elegance !

The restaurant of the Moulin Rouge

A Belle Epoque room with authentic murals, Morris column and original poster artists-have That Occurred on this mythical stage: Mistinguett, Edith Piaf, Jean Gabin, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli... welcomes you to enjoy a dinner in the tradition of French gastronomy...

In fact, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner served before the show beforehand to make your evening a unique moment to share with family, friends or lovers!

Enjoy your Moulin Rouge dinner in a French gastronomic tradition, orchestrated by the famous House Dalloyau, served in a beautiful location of more than 900 seats with icts decoration 'Belle Epoque'. You can check the moulin rouge dinner menu on France Tourisme's website.

On the tables an iconic little red light, like fireflies That So Many give this atmosphere so warm and so typical to the Most Famous Cabaret in the world!

The Moulin Rouge dinner show is a nice way to "put in mouth" before watching this brilliant review.

How long is the Moulin Rouge show ?

Whether it is the Moulin Rouge dinner and show offer or just the show, the duration of the show is 2 hours from 9pm or 11pm (2 times available).

Your Moulin Rouge Paris evening with France Tourisme

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