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Evening show at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris

Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris - Lights, Camera, Seduction: The Art of Cabaret

Origin of the Name

The name "Crazy Horse" of the famous Parisian cabaret originates from the admiration of its founder, Alain Bernardin, for American culture and his interest in iconic figures from U.S. history. The name is borrowed from Crazy Horse, a Lakota war chief known for his bravery and indomitable spirit. Bernardin chose this name to evoke qualities of mystery, strength, and exoticism, while also paying tribute to the spirit of freedom of the American West.

The Birth of the Cabaret

This cabaret in Paris named the Crazy Horse was founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist passionate about innovation and spectacle. Located at 12 Avenue George V in Paris, the cabaret quickly gained notoriety for its artistic erotic shows and high-quality productions that combine music, dance, lighting effects, and visual projections, all within a highly aesthetic and refined format.

The Atmospheres of the Cabaret

The Crazy Horse is distinguished by its unique way of presenting the female nude: the dancers, rigorously selected for their physical resemblance, perform in numbers where light plays a crucial role, sculpting the bodies and creating captivating optical illusions. The shows are characterized by their choreographic precision, technical sophistication, and an aesthetic that merges the art of dance with cutting-edge technology.

Some Famous Dancers

Among the icons who have lit up the stage of the Crazy Horse, dancers like Lova Moor stand out as one of the most emblematic stars of the cabaret under Bernardin's direction. More recently, renowned artists such as Dita Von Teese and Clotilde Courau have also participated in shows, bringing with them a breath of fresh air and international fame.

Some Anecdotes About the Cabaret

Alain Bernardin was known for his relentless pursuit of perfection. A famous anecdote reports that he used a theodolite, a topographic measuring instrument, to ensure that every hat and accessory were perfectly aligned during rehearsals. Moreover, the dancers of the Crazy Horse are known to use a specific makeup called "The Crazy Rouge", a very bright red used to accentuate the lips and contours of the face, thus contributing to the mystery and magic of the show.

Your evening at the Crazy Horse Paris with France Tourisme

For this Paris cabaret show, let yourself be dazzled by the sublime "Crazy Girls" with their dream bodies and enigmatic eyes during this unique Crazy Horse show! For the Crazy Horse cabaret, the show lasts 1h30 with the possibility of tasting champagne during this captivating Crazy Horse performance. For the curious, photos of the show are displayed on our site as well as the price.

For your Paris night show, if you are looking to do a dinner show in Paris, it is possible in our offers with other cabarets. If you don't know which establishment to choose for your cabaret evening in Paris, we have a complete catalog of offers containing details of the different evenings, shows and prices for each cabaret. No longer hesitate between Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse, come and decide now on France Tourisme!

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Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris

The Crazy Horse Paris Show

The Crazy Horse Paris Show

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