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Around Paris

Discovering the hidden gems around Paris

If you are staying in Paris and wish to discover the treasures outside the city, you have numerous fascinating options for day trips. Just a few kilometers away, the majestic Château de Versailles awaits you with its lavish gardens and the famous Hall of Mirrors, reflecting the splendor of the Ancien Régime.

A bit further, the Château de Fontainebleau offers a dive into history, surrounded by forests ideal for invigorating hikes. For art lovers, a visit to Giverny is a must. There, you can stroll through the gardens that inspired Claude Monet and visit his colorful house, preserved as it was when he created his famous water lilies.

West of Paris, the city of Chartres offers a cultural getaway with its magnificent Gothic cathedral, famous for its dazzling stained glass. For a complete royal experience, the Domaine de Chantilly will dazzle you with its luxurious castle, vast gardens, and impressive stables that regularly host equestrian shows.

Do not miss visiting Provins, a medieval town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can explore ancient fortifications and participate in medieval festivals that transport you to another era. Finally, Auvers-sur-Oise is a charming site for art history enthusiasts, having hosted Vincent van Gogh during the last days of his life. The village retains the atmosphere that inspired many impressionist painters.

Beyond these well-known destinations, the region around Paris is full of other interesting sites and places to discover. Charming castles, picturesque villages with lively local markets, or preserved natural spaces perfect for outdoor activities. There is always something new to explore. Every corner of the Île-de-France offers unique stories and beautiful landscapes, inviting visitors to venture off the beaten path to find their own hidden gems. This wealth of choices makes the Paris region a privileged place for those looking to enrich their French experience beyond the traditional tourist circuits.