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Discovering Bruges - The Venice of the North!

Bruges is also the most touristic city in Belgium. This medieval city has retained over time the splendor of its medieval architectural heritage. The historic center of Bruges is also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000. It crosses beautiful Gothic brick buildings and masterpieces of Flemish primitive art.

Bruges is like an open air museum : its religious monuments are among the sights of the city, it also contains some witnesses museums of art and craft heritage Bruges. Many stops that will satisfy lovers of culture and the curious.

With its downtown Bound a network of channels, she received the nickname deserved "Venice of the North". Remember that it is possible to browse by boat. A pleasant walk in the spring and summer.

The origins of Bruges date back to the ninth century when a Baudoin Bras-de-Fer built a castle to protect the city of Norman invasions.
From the eleventh century, the city experienced phenomenal growth. Launched in the manufacture of cloth, Bruges soon became a great trading market in Europe, especially as it was connected to the sea through the estuary of the Zwin. In the fifteenth century, Bruges became the cradle of Flemish primitive art. It was also at this same time that one has the characteristic medieval architecture of the city. However, at the end of that century, Bruges endured a decline in its industry. The iconoclastic Protestants in the sixteenth century, and the French invasion in the eighteenth century, only confirmed this decline.

Visit Bruges and its main attractions

It is impossible to fully visit the city of Bruges in Belgium in one day. By cons, you can easily make Venice of the North tower of the essential places and soak in the charm. This destination and therefore an ideal rural getaway for a day or a short stay full of charm and authenticity.

The grande Place in Bruges

The Markt is the center of the city of Bruges, the periphery, all major streets lead here. The colorful facades, the sound of hooves, the creaking carriages and the incessant passage of onlookers create a special atmosphere or it is good to linger.

Formerly the Markt hosted tournaments and great festivities in the city. In the center of Markt square is the statue of Breydel and Coninck. The statue was erected in 1887 in honor of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, Bruges two who were active in the revolt against the French in 1302. And do not forget the wonderful Bell Tower dominates this space for centuries.

The Belfry of Bruges

The belfry, a building typical of the way that dominates the Markt top of its 83 meters. This is the biggest tour of the city and it has a beautiful treasure.

The belfry has an impressive clock mechanism and a carillon with 47 bells. Want to enjoy a breathtaking view of Bruges and its surroundings from the top of the tower, get ready to climb the 366 steps that lead you to the top. In the Middle Ages, the seal, the charter and the coffers of the city were carefully preserved in the treasure room of the Belfry

The canals of Bruges

During your visit to Bruges would also carry you a boat ride along the canals that run through the old town. Do not miss this opportunity to discover the well-named "Venice of the North" in the most romantic way possible. must see attraction, these little boats that ply the canals are part of the local tourist landscape. Over a period of half an hour, the visit to discover the architecture in a new way and admire the facades that plunge into the channels. The guide will also give you information on the monuments and history.

Experience the city like those who preceded you for centuries. Cruise the canals, the arteries of the city of Bruges, and discover secret gardens, picturesque bridges and wonderfully beautiful still lives. You will rediscover the city from another angle because Bruges sites have even more charm when you admire them from the water. Since these channels you can watch the lovely views that it is not possible to get from the mainland.

Bruges the city of chocolate

Bruges is really the city of chocolate. She has over 50 chocolatiers passionate and authentic chocolate lab. A place where established values, traditions and talents complement.

In Bruges, you can taste the traditional artisan chocolate and feast on highly innovative chocolate creations (chocolate chili, cannabis or tobacco). The presence of this creativity takes quality Bruges chocolate towards unexplored heights. It's in Bruges, and nowhere else, you'll find the best chocolate ! The city also has the Choco Story Museum invites you to discover the history of chocolate through time. You can see a demonstration of the chocolate manufacturing process, plus a must- tasting while the kids discover the museum through a chocolate hunt game.

The Bruges lace

We can not quote Bruges without reference to its lace, renowned worldwide. The lace is a fine art that is among the most practiced traditional crafts in this former clothier city. To trace its evolution since the 9th century, a facility it is dedicated to Bruges : the Lace Centre Kantcentrum or Flemish.

Many people view Bruges as synonymous with, lace, but they know little about the industry and the lives of the Belgian workers. Taking the time to delve into the heart of the medieval city, is worth seeing.

Lace Bruges was predominantly for the upper classes such as the nobility, who were in fashion obsessed with the intricate patterns of flowers. They are often decorated in it as a means of expressing their prestige and bourgeois style. You will probably see many samples of exquisitely crafted materials. Omnipresent in Bruges, in almost every picturesque little street there is a lacemaker sitting in a shop window or doorway making bobbin lace. watch them work so fast and with such skill and precision is mesmerizing. Malkin flax, half lace, guipure twisted... All these techniques are mastered impressive in this historic city.

The belgium beer *

Belgium is known worldwide because of the remarkable number of beers produced on its territory and for the variety of different styles.

There are three award-winning beers including international competitions brewed in Bruges : The Brugse Zot, Straffe Hendrik Burgundy and Flanders. To taste ? Nothing simpler, the Halve Maan is an authentic historic brewery in the center of Bruges. This brewery is a family business with a tradition of six generations of brewers since 1856. It is here that one brews beer in the city of Bruges, the "Brugse Zot" : a full-bodied beer of high fermentation based wort, hops and special yeast.

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation