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Paris Merveilles at the Lido de ParisParis Merveilles at the Lido de Paris
Lido de Paris entranceLido de Paris entrance
Paris Merveilles showParis Merveilles show
The Blue Bell Girls of the Lido de ParisThe Blue Bell Girls of the Lido de Paris
French cancan at the Lido de ParisFrench cancan at the Lido de Paris
Lido de Paris ShowLido de Paris Show
Dinner hall at the Lido de ParisDinner hall at the Lido de Paris


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THE LIDO DE PARIS - Elegance on the Champs-Elysées

The Show "Paris Merveilles"

On 2 April 2015, the Lido de Paris launched its new magazine in a Lido completely re- decorated for your pleasure and comfort « Paris Merveilles » by Franco Dragone, upsetting all the clichés.

In a whole new kind of cabaret, the flagship of the Parisian magazine « Paris Merveilles » is based on the latest technology in sound, lighting, machinery and special effects. Enhanced by sumptuous costumes, follow the legendary Bluebell Girls and revisit the codes with a cabaret of a whole new genre. A dream trip not to be missed !

Franco Dragone, director of the biggest shows in the world, brings the Lido in the era of the new journal. His mission was to relook into the glitz and introduce the offset without giving up everything that makes the reputation of the famous Champs-Elysees cabaret, namely: the ice rink, fountains etc. and above all its famous Bluebell Girls troupe of top dancers.

« Paris Merveilles » is seen carried by a surprising choreography and includes multidisciplinary exceptional artists, from hip hop to circus arts, and of course the singer, the true leader of « Paris Merveilles ». Through it, this new journal provides a relaxed style and even gives some notes of self-mockery. After thirteen years of daily performances of the revue "Bonheur" cabaret style has changed, enough so that it shows, and while retaining its authenticity which has its charm and reputation.

The show is full of special attractions such as the excellent B -Boy Mansour in a superb solo PLC, or drugs Ukrainian acrobats Igor Gavva & Iulia Palii, true stars in the circus as a duo You & Me without forgetting the two white swans at ease on stage as Odette (s).

You will also have the opportunity to admire the first French cancan performed at the Lido since its opening in 1928 !


The director Italo- Belgian scene has always loved the spectacular and freedom of invention. First founder of Cirque Archaos, he then signs the staging that hatch Cirque du Soleil before becoming the global specialist in ultra- large spectacular events from Las Vegas to China.

A Macau, China, he created "The House of Dancing Water", a show that has such a live action movie played and put that on gigantism, in aerial trajectories body, motorcycles and other flying machines, all over a swimming pool to qu'olympiques more dimensions. And Wuhan, "The Han Show" goes even further. A new theater, especially the proud architecture, was built specifically to host its excessiveness.

But in a skimpy Paris, Franco Dragone to the refreiner his desires sizes and ingenuity to give free rein to his tiller.


makeover efforts began by choosing a very international artistic team. The choreography is spent under the direction of Benoit -Swan Pouffer who led the New York company Cedar Lake Ballet 2005 to 2013, after eight years as principal dancer of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. For « Paris Merveilles » Pouffer approximates choreographically speaking ballets.

The sets were designed by jean rabasse, scenographer highly acclaimed cinema, but also in dance recently at Chaillot "Contact" Philippe Decouflé. For this new magazine he created a virtual Paris as animations on LED screens, showing the artistic views of the main monuments, the Arc de Triomphe at the Chateau de Versailles. The grand staircase, a key element is a metro station in Hector Guimard.

The costume designer Nicolas Vaudelet is still little known to the public, but displays a rich professional experience gained at Dior, YSL, Lacroix and Gaultier. Everything becomes more dynamic, sharp, closer to the current fashion trends.


The Bluebell Girls embody the quintessential Parisienne, known in the Entire world for its sensual and sophisticated image. The famous troupe founded in 1932 by Margaret Kelly ignites the stage every night since 1948. Surrounded Lido 12 Lido Boy Dancers and impressive scenery, they are more than 40 to combine beauty, elegance and glamor that characterize for offer a captivating and inimitable performance.

Each artist is carefully selected by the Maitre de Ballet according to strict criteria. dance technique, artistic qualities, personality and harmony of physical... Nothing is left to chance.

Franco Dragone has introduced a new hierarchy within the gang with twelve "Bluebells" as the core team. Above, the ten "Belles" (the only dancing topless ), and finally, the five "Sublimes", the stars of Lido supposed to embody different types of femininity of the XXI century.

The different formulas to attend the show of the Lido de Paris

Every night the Lido de Paris offers two shows, one at 21:00 and one at 23:00. To attend the show Paris Wonders you can either take a single show formula with a Champagne half bottle or the famous dinner show menus available in 3 formulas.


While in Paris, let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the show at the French while enjoying the delights that have made the world famous French gastronomy. Chef Philippe Lacroix will delight your palate if you choose to dine at the Lido. Member of the Académie Culinaire de France, the National Academy of Cuisine, and disciple of Escoffier, he joined Paris and the Lido in 1980.

During dinner, a new experience that exists only at Lido you into a tinted glare of music and dance. The unique opportunity to sketch a few steps on the legendary stage of the Lido. Then the curtain rises, it's showtime !

Nothing meets the excitement of the show that the fizzing bubbles. Accompany your evening with half a bottle of Champagne. French prestige on stage and on the lips !


At 21h or 23h you can book a place at one of many tables arranged in a semicircle in front of the stage. You can watch the show or enjoying a glass of Champagne or a half bottle in chosen option.