Visit of the grevin museum Paris

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Visit Orsay Musem
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Visit of the grevin museum Paris


  • No queuing ticket
  • Museum open every day from 10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Take a picture with your prefered Star !

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Meeting directly on site

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Children rate available from 5 to 15 years old


France Tourisme offers fast entry tickets for Grevin museum. Well known for its historical figures and international stars in wax ... it is the best place for entertainment and make photos of your favourite stars... from Gandi to Zidane, passing by Mickael Jackson !


During your visit, you could discover many wax statues of international figures:

  • Snapshots of the 20th century:
    Back through the 20th Century in 10 major events, remembered with emotion and as immortal as photographic snapshots; set for ever in our collective memory, they have been chosen to illustrate the past century: from the first step on the moon on the night of the 24th July 1969, to the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, from the first Channel crossing by Louis Blriot in 1909 to the Football World Cup in 1998, let the Grvin lead you along the path of the History of our times. Some of the unforgettable people of the 20th Century: Louis Armstrong, Brigitte Bardot, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Spider-man etc.
  • History of France:
    From the Middle Ages to the 19th Century, through the Renaissance and the Second Napoleonic Empire, the Grvin stages the highlights of France's history: Jeanne d'Arc burning at the stake, Louis XIV and his court at Versailles, or the assassination of Henri IV. A unique voyage where you can meet the men and women who made history.
  • The Grevin Collection:
    Discover the collection of Grevin masterpieces, those that down the years created its legend. A 100 years of the Spirit of Paris to be lived again in the sumptuous decor created in 1882, the Hall of Columns and the Dome. Some of the most famous works in the Grvin collection are : Albert Einstein, Charles De Gaulle, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson, John Paul II, Elvis Presley, Alfred Hitchcock etc.

You will discover two other magic places of the Grevin Museum

  • Le palais des Mirages:
    Created for the 1900 Universal Exhibition and moved to the Grevin Museum in 1906, the Sound and Light show of the Hall of Mirrors (Palais des Mirages) has dazzled many a generation and thousands of visitors. Now completely renovated, and reopened in June 2006 to present the original display, more spectacular than ever with new special effects. You must not miss this unique show nor the thrills you will want to share with family and friends !
  • The Thatre du "Tout-Paris":
    Discreet atmosphere and evening dress mandatory for a cocktail party with the stars of showbiz, top international singers around the piano for an impromptu jam session, the "Tout Paris" shares your enjoyment.Photographers' flashes are crackling; the paparazzi are lurking to record the event! Some of the celebrities you can meet at the "Tout Paris" theatre : Charles Aznavour, Roberto Benigni, Bernard Kouchner, Elton John, Monica Bellucci, Grard Jugnot, Laurent Gerra, Cline Dion etc.

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